Game Update 1.33 [January 2023]

Like Nigel, I do not understand what bug you are experiencing–one member of our household uses ATV almost daily, and has never experienced anything like what you’ve mentioned.

I didn’t think that trainer difficulty was used in ERG mode which is the defaults in workouts?

I too use ATV almost exclusively and have never experienced this. I often ride for 10 minutes or more after a workout

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Thank you Travis. The team responsible for this one worked hard on the feature and are committed to keeping it fun and quality for you. Glad you enjoy the Replays!


According to the Zwift Insider article linked above, it will work the same way as it did for cycling.

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Zwift stores as much as possible on your computer/device.

Not true. The data for HoloReplay is stored on our servers.

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We’ve seen quite a lot of HoloReplay spawns since their launch in October. Want to take a stab at how many? A hint: it’s in the millions

We’re of course using Price is Right rules here: the closest guess without going over wins.

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3.7 million

7.9 million

Can Zwift please add an option for turning the Holoplays on for “just” the segments? Would be a good to have the option for segments versus the now entire route on or off.


That’ll be here soon, promise.


you forgot to add this to the note

Completely broke rubber band in group rides


Game update 1.33
mac OS X

Riding with RoboPacer D Maria, drops counter is broken, it stalls completely.
Got a video of it but cant upload it to the forum if you want me to send it somewhere else.



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4.85 million

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Optimization? I just wish they would fix the Custom Workout syncronization issues! Ever tried having 2 users on Zwift on ATV? It’s a total disaster since the “upgrades” last fall. Zwift combines most but not all of the Custom Workouts for each user and it’s impossible to delete all Custom Workouts to start from a clean slate. It’s a master class in pretend software engineers trying to learn the concept of private user space in various operating systems. Complete and total failure!

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I’m thinking its silly big number just because it’s easy to leave this feature on and not use but trigger multiple times per free-ride - 21,700,000

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Custom Workouts STILL aren’t syncing properly and Zwift is still completely ignoring User space on ATVs!

Zwift will combine the Custom Workouts from each user of the ATV then carry all those Custom Workouts into the ZwiftCloudFromHELL where they can never be deleted and also infect your Zwift installation on your Windows PC.

It’s a complete disaster and has been since the updates last fall!