Game Update 1.29 [September 2022]

Hi, your numbers have to turn red. You are too slow !!

I’m also on a macOS (Big Sur 11.6) and using ultra settings as well. Maybe this is part of the problem? :thinking:

Paging @shooj :sweat_smile: I know they’re just socks but is this something we could do a ticket for? I don’t want to bother the devs unnecessarily but feel like I’m missing out :frowning:

Just socks, nothing! These are the coolest thing Zwift have put in the game, hands down. They even beat out the Tron bike. :smiley:


Okay I feel better Darren :sweat_smile: I wore them for the first time during a TTT but only because they matched the kit - a few people mentioned the fire trails after the ride and I had absolutely no idea what they were on about … thought they were all teasing because I don’t sprint at all :sweat_smile: Maybe I’ll try a lower graphics setting and see if that makes a difference.

Don’t know what your limits are, but I don’t think 200% is going to be enough. Really drop the hammer and throw down a full on sprint. Aim for max 5-10s power.

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I saw large gaps in the road surface in France, and was surprised. Didn’t get a flat on the lip on the backside so I guess it was all good.

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Trail for me when I hit somewhere in the high 5w/kg range (no red #'s till I hit around 8 w/kg). My FTP is ~3.3w/kg.

Consider me incentivized! That is pretty cool. :heart_eyes:

I think I need some Ice socks - they freeze the road behind you when you put out 0.5 FTP for a minute or too!
To remind me to pedal harder!

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Random flashback today when doing a warmup sprint and the fire socks lit the road :joy::



No, they don’t. They don’t work in events. Well not in races, anyway.

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HI - I cannot see the Event ride-on bombs working either. When I have contacted Zwift support and a Zwift ambassador, they have asked if I see the circle around my rider in the Map view. I cannot see this in any event (group ride). I do see it in non-group rides, where it has always worked.

In the absence of other information, I believe this feature is not available, despite its inclusion in the 1.29 updates notice. Sad, because I have wanted this for 4 years :frowning:

I would love someone to show me how this feature works if it is there…


it does not work, certainly not on iOS. maybe on other devices its possible. It was called out by quite a few on the the ride with @James_Zwift the other day and from what I saw it was all iOS which he was going to escalate back to the dev team so i think they are aware hopefully.

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Yeah, I flagged this on Monday. I’ll give it a bit of a nudge.


It doesn’t work on my Android ZC connected to my Apple TV.

Edit - if it helps, there is no circle around my position marker on ZC in a race (just like it has always been), unlike in a free ride when the circle is there.

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Thanks for that. I do use ATV (apple TV), i.e. IOS for Zwift, so maybe that explains it. ATV way behind as usual!


It’s probably been put in the game code but requires a CA update to match.


There are large gaps in the road on Makuri, too. You can see the grass for about a meter or two.

And many times the road is kind of floating above the ground. If you watch the roadside gravel you can see the parallax effect. This is in Makuri and also in Watopia.


See Gaps in the asphalt everywhere in Makuri Island

At one point it was so bad it was adding to my feelings of vertigo. It had gotten better, but now seems much worse. I wondered if there was so many people riding the servers couldn’t handle the load.

Someone of a group ride commented that they cam for the misspelling and grammar errors, and I said I came for the UI issues. It got a lot of laughs. In Makuri it became infamous to see the gates zooming in and out at me on several of the routes and some specific spots. I think the entirety of Zwift needs a rewrite to tighten up the code and help remove the many issues. I have wondered if they are overwhelmed with the project, and problems. Seeing people riding through barriers, tires buried in asphalt, people flying, stationary trainers being ridden down streets, etc…

But it’s easy to play armchair programmer. I’m sure they have their hands full balancing expansion with squashing errors. And no matter how well a program or feature is tested, nothing tests like releasing it.

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