Game update 1.28 [August 2022]

@shooj @James_Zwift first ride with new font tonight. SO awful. Please tell someone/anyone/everyone to change it back.

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OMG .wad files! Feeling like in the 90s, loading new levels for DOOM by replacing .wad files XD

Thumbs up mate!


Hi @Youry_Pershin have you posted a font work around? How to use this beautiful magic please? May your pockets be filled with ride ons and your socks always be at the length of your choosing.

This is patch for some data files in windows Zwift application folder (version 101500 and probably later) - just replace.


Oh dear. That’s awful.

The new font is definitely not for everyone…

A work around for macOS users (i’m sure the same would apply to Windows users):

Using the above mentioned fonts posted by @Youry_Pershin the following has worked for me:

Go to:
Library/Application Support/Zwift/assets/fonts

  • make a backup of the font.wad file in this folder
  • replace the file with font.wad from the link posted by Youry

Go to:
Library/Application Support/Zwift/assets/Noesis/Blend_Data

  • make a backup of the noesis.wad file in this folder
  • replace the file with noesis.wad from the link posted by Youry

Go to:
Library/Application Support/Zwift/data/fonts

  • make a backup of all .ztx files in there (8 in total)
  • replace all files with the .ztx files from the link posted by Youry

Open Zwift and you should have the old font back.



I like the new Fonts.
Font choice config setting, next to trainer difficulty ? :slight_smile:

I like them!

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With a similar slider, between 1950 at one end and 2022 at the other.

User-configurable period feel ftw!


1950s setting would put the trainer difficulty up to 150% at least ! :slight_smile:
also 8-bit b/w graphics…

The home screen seems to be using the Mac system font but I can live with that, Windows next… (Mind you, I did also keep Lucida as the system font on my Macs for maybe five years after it was changed, but then it just got too difficult to change it back.)

I think you may be a cult of one. At least make the new font monospaced, so that the numbers aren’t constantly changing widths. But reverting back to the old font, or even something different, would still be preferred. Who needs 1’s that look like 7’s, or 2’s that look like Z’s???


Scrap that. PatchedFonts_101500 - Google Drive Sorted. Thank you @Youry_Pershin and @Chris_Corby

At least the moving numbers explains why I was getting a headache.

A choice of fonts maybe the way forward. Did anyone not get on with previous iterations?


Having ridden with the new font i actually don’t mind it, don’t really know what the problem with the old one was but the new one is okay too.

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I’m willing to join the cult!

They aren’t that bad in game in my opinion.

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Oh, I’ve never had a cult before.

Unless you include Coco. She has a pretty big cult.

Pretty personal :face_with_open_eyes_and_hand_over_mouth:

Oh. cult…


Fixed it for you! I’ll send the invoice over later :wink:

Current 1 and 4:

My new and improved 1 and 4:

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Do like Chris posted above

except that for Windows the folder is C:\Program Files (x86)\Zwift

Replace hxxps by https in the link (links are not allowed in forum for all users).

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I have to say that I like the new font, but the variable spacing is quite problematic for columns.

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