Full color range for bikes

Could the full color spectrum be added to the choices for the bike frames? There is no black or gray.


That might depend on the manufacturer also, not just Zwift.

This is a good suggestion.

For humans, color has 3 degrees of freedom, for example RGB, or HSV ,etc. Yet there’s only one slider for color (hue) on the paint feature. My bike is green, but a bright neon green, when IRL life my bike is a darker green, more like the old Lotus car color.

There’s plenty of generic color selector tools out there. Plug one in.

I suspect the issue is there’s a tuning feature for stuff which allows only one parameter. For example, with socks you adjust height but not color. With frames you adjust color but nothing else. So supporting a broader color palette would require increasing the number of tuning knobs. For example, with a frame I might have two colors I can tune, which would require 6 parameters (3 for each color). Or I might want to set handlebar heigh as well. With socks, one could then allow setting both color and height (4 parameters total).

Part of the struggle with circa 2020 Zwift is riders want to differentiate themselves. And other than semi-comical hairstyles, providing more options for equipment differentiation helps that.