FTR Race Report 2015-05-08

10 riders took the start for this ride. It was a very international crowd with the German, Norwegian, British and American flags represented in the relatively samall field. Apparently the Greek flag is not implemented yet, for G. Thomaidis had the default flag. This week riders self-selected to race either in the A group or B group (with a 4w/kg FTP as the guideline for the cutoff).

In the A race, a lead group of 3 (H.-G. Becker, J. Pait and C. Schumm) managed to establish itself after the first climb. K. Dalby was caught 20s back but chased hard for a lap to make the junction at the base of the second climb. Pait jumped early on the second climb to establish a gap that was quicly bridged by Becker. Dalby joined shortly before the hairpin and countered with a second dig that only Becker was able to follow. Dalby and Becker worked together with Pait and Schumm chasing. On the last lap Dalby made a big move on the last climb and managed to establish a 20s gap that he managed to hold to the finish line. After the race he asked to be relegated since he was unsure his zPower was accurate (irrespective of his absolute power, his heart rate showed a very spirited effort to hold Becker off in the last lap). In the sprint for second, Schumm established a small gap coming down the hill to the finish line but Pait was able to catch and overhaul him by the line.

The story of the B race was who could stay with the A group the longest. John Greig won this contest by hanging on to the A chase group until the hairpin on the first climb. He managed to stay within 5 seconds and work with N. Law who was gapped by the A group chase. Further behind, O. Ingham and G. Thomaidis worked together to chase. The second big climb split the groups, though, and the final 3 laps turned into a time trialing exercise for the group. By the end, J. Greig managed to hold onto his lead with Ingham and Thomaidis rounding out the podium.

A Group

  1. H-G Becker 1:00:16 (41.4 km/h)
  2. J. Pait 0:03:53
  3. C. Schumm s.t.
  4. N. Law 0:05:51
  5. K. Dalby (relegated himself due to zPower uncertainty)

B Group

  1. J. Greig 1:06:55 (37.4 km/h)
  2. O. Ingham 0:06:08
  3. G. Thomaidis 0:08:21
    DNF V. Sanchez-Bessieres (time constraints)
    DNF M. Koch (late start)

DNS C. Wiedmann (cold)

Note: Time gaps for entertainment purposes only. Corrections to placings and race narrative are welcome.

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