TNW Race Report 2015-05-12

A field of 15 riders split into 8 A group riders and 7 B group riders for this week’s TNW. Unfortunately John Greig suffered a race-ending flat before the first full lap even started leaving only 14 riders to start the first full climb. The climb provided the impetus for the As to split from the Bs.

The A group mostly regrouped after the first big climb. The second big climb led to more attrition, leaving only four in the lead group: D. Stoj, D. Pugh, F. Garcia and A. Thompson. Over the course of the second lap, Thompson lost contact. When Pugh and Stoj forced the pace on the third big climb, they managd to establish a gap. This situation maintained itself until the last lap when Stoj attacked on the final big climb, pulling out a small lead over Pugh at the With an effort familiar to those of us who saw last week’s race, he kept up the pressure and managed to keep the gap to the line with Pugh coming in second and Garcia following a little later in third.

T. Hocking was the lone leader in the B group at the top of the first climb. He had established a significant gap over a group of three chasers (W. Viljoen, J. Denny and J. Rooney), but it was still a long time to the finish. The chasers managed to make the junction up to Hocking on lap 3. Viljoen and Denny promptly set out on a counter-attack that left the rest of the field splintered. This situation stabilised as Viljoen and Denny joined up with F. Egan and Hocking joined up with D. Corredor and C. Wiedmann from the As. Denny jumped first in the sprint, but Viljoen managed to come around for the win. Hocking attacked in the final lap, leaving his A group companions in the dust and finished third.

B sprint:


A Group

D. Stoj 1:17:29

D. Pugh 0:00:38

F. Garcia 0:02:58

A. Thompson 0:03:46

F. Egan 0:06:09

C. Wiedmann 0:06:58

D. Corredor 0:08:30

B Group

W. Viljoen 1:22:49

J. Denny s.t.

T. Hocking 0:00:33

J. Rooney 0:07:22

C. Smith 0:14:01

G. Sollenberger 0:36:52

DNF J. Greig (flat)

Note: Time gaps for entertainment purposes only. Corrections to placings and race narrative are welcome.

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