TNW Race Report 2014-04-28

21 riders took the start to the first TNW Watopia edition. Riders were clearly nervous about the new longer climb, which they got to see for the first time during the neutral promenade to the bicycle statues. KM 0 passed without major fireworks as the pack anticipated the first climb at race speed.

As expected, the pace quickly heated up on the climb. A lead group of 8 riders made it over the climb. The next acceleration came up the climb past the sprint banner. This whittled the lead group down to six riders: F. Garcia, G. Hodge, B. Pucsek, S. To, D. Corredor and C. Wiedmann. Behind the lead group and some solo chasers, a chase group formed with H. Chan, M. Neal, M. McCarthy and C. MacLeod. This group mostly stayed together until the finish.

Unfortunately a (system) crash took Corredor out of the lead group on the next lap. With To being distanced on the main climb on lap 3, a lead group of 4 (Garcia, Hodge, Pucsek, Wiedmann) continued on. Surprisingly Pucsek showed he didn’t have the legs from last week as he lost the draft at the top of the climb the next lap.

The final group of 3 rode a tactical last lap as everybody seemed to be waiting for the sprint. A late attack by Wiedmann just before the last tunnel was quickly brought back by Garcia and Hodge. Garcia was content to lead out the sprint and showed why by handily winning the final sprint.

Thanks again to Zwift for promoting this week’s edition of the TNW training race. I hope everyone had a hard workout, but most importantly I hope that everybody had fun. Feel free to pass any comments or questions on to me.


  1. F. Garcia 1:20:35
  2. C. Wiedmann s.t.
  3. G. Hodge s.t.
  4. B. Pucsek 0:01:01
  5. C. MacLeod 0:02:00
  6. H. Chan 0:02:10
  7. J. Greig 0:03:38
  8. J. Lemon 0:06:26
  9. M. Neal 0:09:37
  10. M. Williams 0:14:19
    DNF S. To
    DNF D. Smith
    DNF C. Smith
    DNF L. Bumgarner
    DNF C. Vachon
    DNF D. Corredor
    DNF M. McCarthy
    DNF B. ■■■■

Note: Time gaps for entertainment purposes only. Corrections to placings and race narrative are welcome.

Not placed because I couldn’t locate their Strava activities:
K. Wick
M. B—
S. Riley

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Thanks Christian for organising the race and writing the report. It was a very life-like simulation for me… far too much effort in the initial 5 minutes and then totally battered by far stronger riders on the first climb. Next time I’ll get into some kind of bloody group on that climb and hang on for a bit!

You know, zwift might be the only place you don’t need experience categories. We could have great racing by numpties and elites all together. It could be like car races - you’re still officially still in the race even when you get lapped. The winner is the first one to complete the race distance - but the race finishes for everyone when they cross the finish line for the first time after the winner. Then your result is: a place, a time difference and a lap difference.  

I do look forward to when Zwift does the placings, and what you’re describing makes much more sense than making everybody finish all the laps to get a time gap. That’s the way bicycle races on the track work too.

I actually think I could do the same with multiple segments. I do have a 4 1/2 lap segment for the Friday training race, so I could use that to pick time gaps for those who are a lap down. I think I’ll try to do that next week.