FTR Race Report 2015-05-01

15 riders took the start for what we’ll call “Rund um Watopia” in tribute to the pro race that was cancelled today. A strong international field with representation from South America, North America and Europe rolled out promptly at 17:30 UTC for the neutral promenade to the bicycle statues. As usual the first 1/2 lap at race pace was relatively quiet with only a brief testing of legs on the back climb.

The first climb was the first real test of strength. Matt Wardle initiated the acceleration with H-G Becker following suit to push the pace. The field showed considerable depth with 9 riders cresting the climb in the lead pack. A little later in the lap, Becker and Francois Coppex again tested the field with an acceleration on the back field that opened a small gap. The gap was only a few seconds but took ominously long to close, with the group only coming back together past the start/finish line.

The second main climb followed a script similar to the back climb with Becker initiating a move and Coppex following. The pair then started rolling away from the chasers. Jonathan Pait tried a briding move after the hairpin but was unable to make the junction and just after the KOM line came back to the chase group consisting of Wardle, Casey Schumm, Robson Figueiredo Rodrigues and Christian Wiedmann. Unfortunately the bridging effort had taken a toll and he lost contact on the rollers before the bicycle statue.

Becker and Coppex worked together well, slowly opening up the gap. Wardle was clearly strongest of the chasers and after pulling the group for a lap decided to go on his own up climb 3. He got to within 30 seconds of the two leaders, but then got stuck in no-man’s-land 30 seconds in front of the chasers.

This situation held to the finish. Coppex and Becker sprinted for the win with Coppex leading out and barely holding off Becker for the win. Wardle finished solo in third. Schumm won the sprint for fourth over Rodrigues.


  1. Francois Coppex 1:00:16 (41.6 km/h)
  2. H-G Becker s.t.
  3. Matt Wardle 0:00:37
  4. Casey Schumm 0:01:37
  5. Nelson Figueiredo Rodrigues s.t.
  6. Christian Wiedmann 0:01:55
  7. Jonathan Pait 0:04:43
  8. Frank Garcia 0:05:42 (completed three more iterations of the full ride distance afterward - 20 laps total)
  9. Mark Howard 0:05:45
  10. Jonathan Lemon 0:07:01
  11. John Greig 0:08:17
  12. George Thomaidis 0:12:04
  13. Johnny Bevan -1L 0:05:24
    DNF M. Trudell
    DNS J. Purtell (gender disfunction)

Note: Time gaps for entertainment purposes only. Corrections to placings and race narrative are welcome.

Not placed because I couldn’t locate the Strava activity
G. Christopher

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Now that is an amazing race report. Thanks for the great work!