FTP reason

What’s the reason for taking a FTP test and what’s the one one should take.
I’ve been riding and climbing for a while will I have a pre determined FTP

Thank you

Hi @Joseph_Grenier

Zwift will estimate a FTP if you do a ride longer than 20 minutes.

The short or standard FTP test is good.

FTP is used to determine your training Zones in workout mode

Hi Zwift
I think I have a 214 FTP I found it menu game area the box with graph at the bottom say 214 I’m 185 pounds is this a respectable number at age 66
Lol hope so I ride hard but want to be great

FTP is a value that is used to determine what power your smart trainer will be told to hold during a training workout session (or the power you should try to hold on a non-smart trainer). If you are not using the workout function and only riding routes, it really isn’t necessary to do an FTP test.

Any FTP test result is respectable if you do the test properly - it’s just a measure of your present fitness. Fitness of 66 year olds varies a lot, from well below your level, to far above. The standard FTP test takes some time to learn how to pace it properly if you’re not experienced at that. If you do the standard test repeatedly, you may improve your results even if your fitness doesn’t change, just by learning to do the test better. You might want to do a ramp test first to get an idea of your power without having to think about the pacing as much, and later try one of the longer tests to see if you can hold that power or improve it.

I’ll further add, Zwift does calculate 2 values of similar name, FTP and zFTP.
they gather data for calculating each during all your rides.
The zFTP is a value based on your overall power curve and undergoes increases and decreased based on your rides and efforts during the previous 60 days.
zFTP is used to determine your racing category.

The FTP is actually 95% of your best 20min effort.
It is used to set your power goals in workouts.
It will automatically move up but not down. You can also manually adjust it up and down.
Many people will periodically self adjust the FTP to a low value and do a hard ride and see if it changes.

It does not matter if you do a ramp test or an FTP test or just hard intervals.
You will get a number for the purpose.

Just don’t expect the FTP numbers to match and don’t expect to be able to hold that estimated power number for a full hour.

Hold a 20 min pace with everything I got seems a bit scary but I’m in good health maybe overweight I’m 5’9.5” 185 pounds

I’m a bit muscular too if drop 20 lb I’ll look dead I’m serious it not good. The extra weight helps (maybe) i climb all the big climbs 7 times so far, going after Tron bike
Which is irrelevant but I love the challenge.
Check my stats out I kinda want to know how I’m doing for my 66 year young self
Haha :joy: lol I’m enjoying every part of zwift
Peace :peace_symbol:
Joseph Jody grenier

A good book to get is “fast after 50” by Joe Friel.

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Excellent Christmas advice gift :gift:

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It’s not a bad idea to tell your doctor that you are doing hard efforts and ask for a cardiac stress test in a clinic. I only did this after experiencing arrhythmia and it’s smarter to do it sooner.

Great advice will do that best to you and family in this Christmas season :pray:t2:

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