FTP adjustment

Back to cycling after a decade of other sports (and a pandemic layoff ;-). I did an FTP test on Dec 30 using a Kinetic fluid trainer and their app. Got an FTP of 133. I’m now using a Kickr Core and just finished week 2 of a training program. Today, I did my first group ride. In that 60-minute ride, my avg wattage was 168. And I definitely felt like I put a bigger effort into this group ride than I was able to back when I did the FTP test. Even accounting for the difference in trainers, with a gap that big, should I update my FTP in the training program or just wait until the program asks me to test at the end of the 6-week program?

I think you should do another test on the new trainer. Your power is much more accurate now, and you want to get the most our of your training plan so get your FTP updated first. This is just my opinion, I’m not a coach.


If you train with the same device, it’s really not that important what the number is as long as the measurement is consistent.

Try grabbing a TT bike and ride Tempus Fugit for an hour, trying to keep around 180W and see how that goes

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