Friend glow aura - forced jersey


I am not really a big fan of forced jerseys because it is so hard to distinguish your fellow riders from each other including your friends.
Is I join a Zwift stage with friends it is totally impossible to find them other than in the +10/-10 list to the right.
I would like to see a glowing aura on friends or better yet, the possibility to see forced jerseys or not.


On. the iOS Companion App map your friends should show with a large orange marker with an arrow pointing to them. If you want to direct message them touch the orange dot. Why not have a group of friends all wear the same headgear or sock color or height?

I know but I dont usually use the companion app that much. I ride on a big screen and thrive with seeing everyone else, trying to sense the feeling in the group and see if you leave a couple behind on the next ascend.