Free ride resistance does not change with elevation?

New to Zwift. I have a cycleops magnus and have done some rides in zwift and Rouvy. I’m using the ant dongle. Last couple of days I’ve been doing free rides in zwift because sometimes I have a set time I need to stop at.

during my free rides I’m noticing that the resistance does not change at all no matter what the elevation is. Is this normal? Today I noticed when I went past my free ride time and continued on my ride (after the stats came up) I was getting resistance again.

Hi Peter,

I believe this is normal.

Thanks to TomH for this description,

"If you are using the ‘free ride’ option in custom workout mode the resistance will not change based on the terrain - It will be constant basic resistance (basic resistance vary depending on trainer) 

However you can change this resistance manually on your phone using the Zwift app or on your keyboard using + and - signs."

It sounds like you are creating a Workout and then using the Free Ride.

My suggestion, don’t do that.  Skip the Workout section entirely,  just choose your Route, and click Ride.   Then you can ride around, with (elevation-based) resistance, and get off whatever time you like.



Ok thanks!