Differences between free trial and pack?

I used 3 time my trainer cycleops Magnus and I did not notice any “atmospheric/air resistance” or any “slope increase”.

Is a problem with my trainer or is because of the free trial?

On the pairing screen at  the start have you paired the Magnus as a controllable trainer? You need to do this.

As far as riding goes, there is no difference between free trial and the paid version of Zwift. 

Just to clarify speed within Zwift, it is determined by watts, your ingame weight, in game bike used, drafting and virtual elevation changes.

Also, there is no wind within Zwift.

As Nigel said, make sure you have it connect as a controllable trainer.

Hi Marcelo,

The Zwift Free Trial gives you normal access to the game and all the features appropriate for your level achievement. 

I can see from the tools at my disposal that you’ve got your CycleOps smart trainer paired to Zwift via ANT+ on your PC and it is paired under Controllable. By all rights, you should feel changes in the resistance during your rides. 

If you’re not feeling the resistance changes on your climbs and descents in the game, please check the Settings Menu, and make sure your Trainer Difficulty setting is enabled. You can pull the slider all the way to the right for maximum resistance when climbing hills on your SIM mode rides. 

Give that a try and if you’re still having problems with resistance in the game, I would strongly advise you to please submit a support ticket, and one of our Zwift support team members will be happy to further troubleshoot this issue.