Freaky experience on pace-bot ride in Makuri

Yesterday afternoon, after completing a game update in Windows, I tried riding with Denise on Neon Flats. As can be seen in the route map for my ride, I did “land” there, but was instantly shunted to a point 6km away in the countryside component of Makuri Islands. I found myself in a crazy world of upside down and scrambled terrain and no roads. When I pedaled I was able to ride in what I can now see is a straight line back towards the spawn point. There was no slope. All the usual indicators (speed, distance, watts, cadence, etc) were active in the HUD. Occasionally other rider names showed up in the list on the right, but I was usually alone. It was a wild experience. I cruised along for 2,7km so that I could take some photos and save the ride. After doing so, I once again tried to join a pace-bot ride with Denise in Neon Flats, and sure enough it pretty much worked fine, although I noticed some occasional jagged video transitions during the second ride. I’ve never experienced anything quite like it.

Activity ID is 1087158134071394320

something like this?

Yes, the jagged thing was just like what was described in that thread. The crazy off road upside down experience thing was more memorable! :sweat_smile: