France Special Course - Champs Elysées [SOLVED]

Come on Tour de France organizers. Don’t let the Giro leave you out of touch with Z-cycling. Get your own special Zwift course.

What is more iconic than the Champs Elysées 7 km lap in all of cycling? The most sought after finishing line! Flying past the arc-de-triomph and the De Crillion Fountain, beautiful.

I heard JM say he reads bug reports more than feature requests. So, should I post this under bugs?

I will take this over the bologna suffering any day.



Beautiful Gardens too.

40 year anniversary
Remember 1989?

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What a day! Bring it on Zwift.

Can’t help but tie in a film with the most important color to French cycling…

This would have been better than Crit City. And we can always add Roubaix velodrome too.

Quote from CyclingNews June 5 2020

"Zwift is set to build new race routes, including one in Nice for the opening stage and another in Paris to mimic the traditional finale of the Tour de France on the cobbled circuit of the Champs Elysées.”

Wish granted!!!

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Can’t wait for the race on July 19th. A true sprinter’s delight.
…Now about that velodrome…