FPS issues after update to v.1.25.0 while doing workout

My last workout was interesting. It was just one step for half an hour. So while I was riding around Flatland Loop in Makuri everything was fine until the 2min. mark where the arch approached. FPS dropped hard and stayed that way. I could see the arch has been rendered on the connecting street between Neokyo and Makuri because I was approaching that junction.

As I was a bit faster I passed the junction and stayed on Makuri which caused the arch to be replaced on the Makuri road. As soon as this happened my FPS where back to a high value and stayed there until the end of the workout.

@shooj Hi Shooj, Iā€™d like to get in touch with you regarding this known issue. Is there a new status how problem solving is progressing? Is there anything that I can deliver to assist in solving this issue?

Kind regards,