FPS Drops while riding in big groups

Hi everybody,

i know that from the subject someone could answer that a lot of cyclist on screen could cause fps drops due to GPU perfomance…but it’s not the reason in my case:

My PC has the following list of components:

AMD ryzen 1300X
8 Gb Ram
GPU Nvidia 1060 3gb

Monitor: 1080p 60hz (so my FPS are obviously limited to 60)

Usually my FPS are always 60 (rock stable) with ultra details.

As you can see in the attached pic when i ride in big groups (in the pic i’ve been passed by a 100 zwifters group in about 2 minutes) my FPS lower to 32/32 event if GPU and CPU utilization keeps on bein low (not more than 50%).


Could this depend on connection perfomance and not in system perfomance?

I’ve also noticed that the worst avg FPS i have with my PC is when i am on virtual trainers in zwift before an event starts.

thx for reading


I see a drop in performance in groups since a few updates ago. My CPU is under 40% utilized on the most active core, my GPU is under 50% utilized. Fans are on 15%. As soon as the group ride is over, the GPU load goes back up to 80% utilized and the FPS goes back up, same number of riders around me on screen as the group falls out. Whatever is going on in the group - network neighbors, draft, fence … I don’t know … it is different. I must add, I don’t really notice the difference at 6 am, lol :slight_smile: It just bugs me that my GPU is under-utilized.

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I also have that behavior, I have tried several graphics cards and computers more powerful to the i7-2700k and GeForce 960 that I have. I have contacted support to find out if a hardware change would improve the gaming experience.


Hello again,

After contacting support following the fall of FPS when a large group approaches or is in it, apparently without having confirmation from the development team, it can be a bottleneck in the management of UDP / TCP packets as it is not a Multi thread software, it is also true that the California Amazon servers have them at 180ms of latency.

As you can see in the photo that I attached with a load of the cpu in 24% but an almost 100% thread the GPU has no load for rendering and that is why I suppose the FPS falls.

I think they have to put the effort into trying to solve this since every day there are more users.