Forum Upgrade!

(Jason K) #1

Hey everyone!

We’ve been putting off skinning Zendesk so that we can participate in a beta for our forum software - and it’s introduced some awesome new features. A full list of the features and the descriptions behind them can be found on Zendesk’s forums, and we’ve highlighted the ones that we’re particularly excited about below:

  • Automatic duplicate post search based on title: If you start a new post, you will see a list of similarly titled posts based on your title. If you click a suggested post, you’ll be redirected to it so that you can comment on that one instead of accidentally starting a duplicate thread.
  • Set Status on a Post (Planned, Not Planned, Completed): While we would like to comment on every post, any time the developers spend responding is time spent not working on Zwift. The new status flags allow us to quickly read and respond to a thread without typing up a full response, so we can continue our policy of being transparent with what we’re doing. Rest assured: this doesn’t mean that we’ll be spending less time on the forums; we’ll just be spending more time responding!
  • Pinned Posts : Zwift staff will now have the ability to pin posts to the top of a topic so that important information won’t be moved down by subsequent posts.

If you see any bugs while using the forums, please let us (or Zendesk) know! We have a unique chance to influence what features they add and bugs they fix, so let’s take advantage of it!

We encourage you to use and be aware of these features as you use the forums so that - together - we can build a better community and a better Zwift.

Ride on.