Former WebRacing CTO needs trainer recommendations

I stumbled upon the Zwift website recently, and this looks completely amazing! I was the CTO of WebRacing Inc. and the lead software engineer of the NetAthlon product line. I left WebRacing years ago, and while I think they are still in business, I don’t think they’ve made any software updates since I left. It looks like Zwift accomplished what we always wanted to do, but we fell far short of that goal. I can’t wait to get started! I do need to find a trainer to replace the Schwinn Velodyne I currently use with NetAthlon. Suggestions are welcome!

I did a quick search of the Zwift forums for “NetAthlon”, and I see some former NetAthlon customers (looking at you, Mr. Lead!). Glad to see that y’all are still around.


there’s lots of options now. The best place to get in-depth overview is dc rainmaker

I would say that you need to do your research but if I was going to recommend a trainer to a friend I would tell them to get the Newest Kickr.