Filter for mixed not ONLY for women

I’m all for making thing more appealing for women but
how about making a bit more politicly correct with having a filter for MIXED races.
So you can quickly check which races you are ALLOWED to race in.

By the way…yes I am a guy.

There’s so few well attended women’s only events on the platform I’m struggling to see why this is needed?

In that case why have a filter for TTT when there is a even fewer of those? And arent all those on a thursday?

We ask cus we wanna use it.

You haven’t given a legitimate reason for why.

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I don’t see a filter for women’s-only events (iPadOS or iOS), so I’m not sure why a filter for ‘mixed’ is even something to ask for.

Aren’t women allowed in… everything?
Hence why it’s called “open” ? (as opposed to “mens” for clarification.)

Side bar @James_Zwift , I just noticed companion’s event filter no longer includes the women filter like the website does; is that by design that I cannot filter on companion knowing I’m a man? (Purely pointing out just to ensure something isn’t wrong here, and that I can’t see it on purpose, versus… it not being in companion anymore for some reason [when it still functions on the main Zwift website, despite being logged in there as well.]) Feels like that’s a bug.

I did not even know there was a filter for women-only events on the Zwift website, as I only ever look in the Companion app. Interesting.

Now knowing that, I suppose my thought back to the OP (@Robban_Buzasy) would be that filters are (generally) used to find a needle in a haystack. And because mixed events are, well, pretty much the entire haystack it doesn’t seem like there is much of a need for a filter.

I think this thread is about excluding women’s only races if there was the ability to do so. There’s so few of them I don’t see the value in doing so, regardless of the reason behind why “we wanna use it”.

Andrew, I also don’t have that filter, but I wonder if any of our female friends do.

@Lebasi_Lashley my turn to ask you a question :joy:

there are like four of them a week and all of them have something indicating the fact that it’s a women’s race in the title (women’s, ladies, femmes etc)

I see 19 women-only events (rides/races/workouts) in the next 24 hours. A filter in Companion seems reasonable (of course many other filters in Companion would also be welcome, along search for text, routes, time or distance, organizers, etc). As usual the answer is to use ZwiftHacks and not bother with Companion for finding events.

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Happy to help. There’s no women’s only filter for me in ZCA or website.


I see the ‘Women only’ filter only when looking on the website:

I was only opting for the zwiftpower homepage filter. My company doesn’t allow those kind of apps in our phones.

The reason? “So you can quickly check which races you are ALLOWED to race in.” Second sentence in the start of the thread.

No unfortunately it does not say in the title of all the events.
Some events have womens cat included and some have womens only.

It has happened to me numerous time that I’m gonna jump on a race, quick look on zwiftpower …and when I want to join the event on the PC it shows up its a womens only event. Mainly my fault but if there was a filter like that it wouldnt happen to me(I cant be the only one who has done that). I actually think it would be used by many others.

ZwiftPower is dying a slow death and will not be resuscitated. If it doesn’t have what you need, use the ZwiftHacks events page. The information is clear there.


Correction, I do get filter for women’s only on website, but not companion app. @James_Zwift

Interesting, checked it but I cant see a way to remove womens only with the event filter.
Do you know how?

I don’t think so, but it’s always clear when you look at the icons on the right hand side.