Feature available? - Making touch screen inactive (iPhone)

Hi, I currently use Zwift by attaching my iPhone to my bike using a Quadlock. I have issues when I get out of the saddle and climb, with sweat interfering with the touch screen when it makes the screen wet. Can I disable the touchscreen somehow while riding?

(https://beebom.com/how-disable-touchscreen-on-iphone-and-ipad/#:~:text=Disable%20Touchscreen%20on%20Your%20iPhone%20and%20iPad,-5.&text=So%2C%20open%20the%20app%20and,Touch%20to%20disable%20the%20touchscreen) shows it might be possible but no idea if it works, why not just cover it with a towel?

Can’t you just go to the lock screen? unless the sweat drops fall in the correct pattern to enter your passcode :slight_smile: