Fastest way to give 'Ride on' by keyboard

Hi, I use wireless trackball keyboard. I wonder how to give ‘Ride on’ by the keyboard.

I know how to do that with ‘Zwift companion’ app. But I don’t wanna use a phone because I should make my PC which use wired Lan cable be in the same wi-fi for that every time and it’s annoying.

Please give me some advice about the fastest way to give ‘Ride on’ to teams by keyboard.

I don’t believe there is a shortcut for giving ride ons with a keyboard. There should be one however!

It’s been requested many times in the past…

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You can mix and match LAN and WiFi by the way, they don’t have to be the same. Same network is all that matters.


I know that fact :slight_smile: But my network structure is the next.
External ISP cable → Switching Hub → AP(Wifi)
→ PC Directly for better performance
So it’s not possible. In any case, I want to use keyboard during riding. But I feel Zwift doesn’t listen to feedbacks from users actively.