Falling forwards off saddle

Hi all,

I’ve recently got an elite direto trainer and a bit fan but I seem to be falling forwards off the saddle quite a bit, especially if I’m leaning back/not holding the handlebars despite being absolutely fine on the same bike out on the roads.

I’ve got the front wheel on the riser it came with.

Any suggestions on what might be best here?


Is the saddle horizontal?
If it’s got a downward angled slope that would explain why you’re sliding down.
Make sure angle is parallel to ground (when bike is on wheels).

I’d suggest measuring the level of the saddle and top tube while the bike is mounted on the trainer and riser. Then take the bike off the trainer, put the rear wheel on and measure the same levels again. If they are different, then alter the height of the riser block to get the bike to the same level as wheel on. Theoretically it should be level if you have standard 700 wheels. But it sounds like it may not be based on your description.