Failed workout post FTP bump

as a lightweight and newbie I’d been using the ramp test lite the past 6 months and seeing good gains riding 2-3x weekly. As the 2x20 FTP had gotten quite easy I figured time for a new test and I hit the regular ramp test and noticed a pretty huge bump (from 175 to 202). I’d been worried that must have been a bit inaccurate (TrainerPeaks pegs me at 187 based on my free rides over the past month) and was sadly proven true when I couldn’t even get through the 2x15 FTP without dialing the bias down to 93% on the last 10 min stretch.

I suppose my question is do I just dig in/hammer it out until I can handle the full workouts, or should I adjust my FTP down to say 185/190 and resume the 2x20s etc…

Personally I’d dial down. If you can’t compete a workout then you can hardly expect to gain the desired benefit from said workout, since you’re essentially training in different ranges.

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