Fail in website: running > a guide to using zwift (hud) during a run

(Chris Hanger) #1

This page from the Zwift Website is just plain wrong. It looks like it was cut and pasted from the RIDING section.
THE PICTURE At least put a runner in the section about running!
2. Leaderboards. There are no leader boards in running. At least I’ve never seen one.
3. Your numbers. Running displays MPH/KPH, not Watts. Watts are for riding. KPH/MPH is running.
4. Powerups. Runners don’t get powerups.
5. Cut and paste the word Runner in place for Rider. It is Zwift Running, after all.
6. Total elevation climbed this ride. Missing again. Zwift does not display total elevation. Or elevation at all, for that matter. And, it’s a run, not a ride

toggle ERG mode on and off Runners don’t have ergometer controls.
Thanks-- Zwift is awesome, and I really want it to succeed. But Zwift’s own website is misleading.

//EDIT… Added link to website.

(Paul) #2

Can you post a link to the page.

(Chris Hanger) #3

You Betcha!

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