Events / Races descriptions

I’m not sure if this should be here, or in Events.
However, would it be too much to ask event hosts to include the route and/or distance in their event descriptions?
If I’m thinking about entering a race, I’d like to know what route it’s on, and how long it is. Saying something like “expect this to be a very competitive race across all cats” (well, duh, it’s a race, right?) and that it’s 2 laps doesn’t really help much. 2 laps of what course? Is it a two mile flat lap, or 2 laps on a 20 mile course up a mountain? Inquiring legs want to know! :slight_smile:

You are right but you can probably wait long …
Use this instead:

Thank you! That is a lot more informative!

Also if you go to the companion app it will show you the distance, route and a map of the race.