Event Sign up

Hi Zwift Peple,

Been enjoying your application and training is much better now in these winter months, Thank you.


A suggestion… Would it be possible to be able to sign into an event from your website once I’m logged in? I primarily use the ios version but often search for which event I want to sign up for from the web. You do a great job helping me filter by the time and intensity, be real helpful if there was a button to join from there.


Thanks for consideration.


Thanks for the suggestion. It’s on our roadmap! Stay tuned :slight_smile:

+1 from me, been on the list a while

Agreed. this would be a nice feature.

Agreed. this would be a nice feature.

Absolutely, I always use the events page but then have to go either into the App or Zwift to sign up.

+1.  I would also use a mobile link app on the ipad.  My computrainer is hard wired to a laptop, and it would be nice to control Zwift from a larger screen