ERG mode during drafting

May I suggest adding ERG mode option for drafting behind a rider or a group of riders? Trying to adjust the power is not as easy at the moment due to latencies and delays.

This way it may be possible to lock in behind a rider or the peloton. The necessary power would be enforced by ERG mode to stay in the group or behind the rider in front.

The rider may be dropped and ERG mode can be automatically deactivated if she/he cannot sustain the required power for a reasonable amount of time.

This may make group rides and races more engaging and coordinated. Also trainer difficulty setting will not be necessary in this scenario.

I hope you consider.

Hello @Yigit_Yazicioglu, welcome to the forums.

Search the topics for “sticky draft” and you will find that in the past you did get stuck behind other riders and everyone hated it. Not really the same as you are asking about, but it was not a popular “feature”.

Thanks for the information @Mike_Rowe1. I can understand why it could cause problems.

I kind of have difficulty adjusting power to stay behind a rider without brakes and real inertia. I will probably get used to the feeling.

you will, ride with the pace partners and you will get very good at drafting, it is a skill that needs to be learned in Zwift.

I watched a rider managing to stay with a Constance pace partner group with steady 3.6w in workout mode.

Everyone else was having to go up to 5w/kg at times but Mr Workout Mode seemed to be able to stay with the group without problems. Only one day did he get dropped when the group accelerated and he couldn’t respond quick enough. :wink: