ERG Group Rides

Would it be possible to create a group mode where the pace of the group is control via a pre-agreed wattage, i.e. 2, 3 or 4w/kg a bit like when you do a workout and the software controls your wattage via your smart trainer.

Hopefully it would allow large groups to stick together and complete decent social rides.

Having raised it on Facebook some people have suggested that the flat sections may be a problem where weight is a bit of an issue, I guess some nifty programming could account for that.

Ideally what you should be able to do is sort of “lock on target” and simply use ERG mode to have your resistance be adjusted to a corresponding resistance with the target. The target ideally being the race leader. That way your level of resistance would dynamically adjust to whatever that of the person setting the pace is doing.

This way groups can do more than just a steady pace, and stick together, at the same time. If the race leader would do intervals, your resistance would adjust accordingly.

That should be part of the racing module I think. At least for neutral sections, but it’s a good idea where if you’re on a group ride and you end up getting ahead of the ride leader then your trainer will automatically back off the resistance to bring you back into the pack.