Equipment type, Wind, weather, sounds?

(L Read) #1

We need the presence of wind on Zwift Island. The wind should have an effect on speed and power requirement. We should also have other weather phenoms such as thunder, rain, snow, etc. A nearby volcano eruption would be cool.

We should also have a notation by the rider’s name as to the equipment type being used. That way riders can know what they are up against and be able to compare apples to apples. As everyone knows, different trainers and power meters can have subtle and not so subtle effects on power readings.

I’m not hearing any sounds while riding, but I can hear the theme music when starting zwift.

(Jon Mayfield) #2

Interesting, no sounds? Zwift has a pretty rich soundscape to ride to that changes day to night. If you could attach a ‘dxdiag’ report to a support ticket that’d be great and it might help me figure out what is going on with your sound. The instructions are here:

Reguarding the other items, all of that is planned, but it may be a while as we finish some of the more core features. The weather effects will be fun!

(L Read) #3

Sorry, Never mind about the sound. I forgot I had turned down the sound of the Zwift window.