Accessibility Features

(Ryan Van Praet) #1

I understand this is not for the masses, but as a visually impaired cyclist, I am “missing” out on some f the features.  I’d love the options in Profile or Setup (where you choose jersey)…to have an on/off for voice prompts.  I would love to see (well, hear actually):


-voice announcing stat of climb, sprint, etc.  

-announce time interval when done the segment

-announce time when done a lap…

-if somebody messages the group, it can be read, or if somebody private messages it can be read.


-if you do mass/group starts, then a (“Ready, 3,2,1, go!”) command perhaps?


Again, i know some folks would love an on/off for sound, i’d love an on/off for verbal announcements of some of the “visual” stuff on the island.


I think Zwift is amazing even when i only see a fraction of what others do…it combined w/ a Kickr can revolutionize accessible exercise/sport.

(Eric C. (Zwift HQ)) #2

All great ideas, Ryan! Seriously, these are excellent points.