Audio coaching

Because I am visual disabled, I was wondering If there is an Audio coaching function. I’ve mailed Zwift and they adviced me to put a feauture request. Because I can’t read the information on the screen, Is it possible to put a function for audio coaching?

Maybe some ideas:

  • Each 5 kilometers/miles an overview about your time and average speed during that 5 kilometres/miles?
  • Warning when A climb is started and how long the climb well be.
  • Some information about the track, How long do you have to go

Are there more people interested in this function for audio coaching? Or has someone an working solution.

Also, the workout messages ( )


Hi! Is there a way to get Zwift app to do audio announcements of the cycling stats (power, hr, rpms) and maybe give the heads-up for inclines on request? I know I can see the data on my screen, but I was thinking about visually impaired athletes training for events like triathlons. Training this way on Zwift could make their training more accessible and consistent (because it can be hard to find available guides), not to mention a whole lot more fun! Zwift is super awesome! Ride On, everybody!


Are audio announcements being developed? I ride with a friend that is blind, and if we could get Zwift to do audio announcements like the Wahoo Fitness app… “Over the last mile you average X miles per hour”, etc. we would have a one device solution. It would also be nice to be able to use Siri to open the app with voice commands. For example, Siri open Zwift with Road to the sky, or Siri open Zwift with workout two.

Thank you for your help