Audio Option on Training Runs

My only option for using the app while running on a treadmill is using the app on my iPhone. While the screen size is OK when standing still, it’s very difficult to read the training prompts and speed adjustments while running at a decent speed. With capacity for all of the other audio available on the app, why not give the option of switching on an audio feature to allow instructions to be heard. This would also allow those with visual impairments to use the app.

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Yes! Great idea that would work for riders and runners


I want celebrity voices. Like Mr. T.
Hey fool! Increase speed to 8.7 MPH!

This would be a huge improvement for those of us who wear reading glasses. Having audio prompts as well as the ability to hear in-run stats would allow us to ditch the glasses.

An audio mode would also make it dramatically easier and safer to go for runs outside without having to look at my phone all the time.