EMU Japan race today 13:00

Hey mods, 1st and 2nd places waaaaay over the cat limits (5th as well but think hes within the margin), and yet they havent been filtered out.

can we get this fixed pls

Hi @Nigel_Fox

You have to give a little more information like the race ID on Zwift power.

It will probably better to contact the organizer of the Race.

1st and 2nd place is under 200w.
5th also under 200w


Id atually forgotten about that rule. Seems like maybe it doesnt work all that well since TBH Im not sure how a 7 stone man (45KG) can be anything other than unwell, not strong enough to win any sort of race.

Surely must be a data error on the weight, but maybe someone will be along in a minute to tell me that 7 stone riders are not that rare

could also, in fairness, be that its a woman, who just hasnt entered herself as such. That would make it slightly more likely/ reasonable

Plenty of kids with same/better stats. Zwift haven’t quite got lightweights right (judging from other’s comments) but CE racing may eventually tidy that up (that isnt there yet either, like ZP cats)

Lighther riders with higher W/kg are in advantage because they are protected with this Watt Floor Rules. it has been talked about in other topics.
Example 1: 55kg can have 4,5W/kg (248W) and still be Cat B
Example 2: 45kg can have 4,4W/kg (198W) and still be Cat C

doesnt appear as though CE has any impact when youre under the 200W/ lightweight

This person is listed as “master” age however

Yup, cant disagree with you there hence the comment.

My best mate is 45kg’s - kids was easier to offer up an example, bt plenty of non-kids that fit that profile (specially on Zwift)

Had a similar thing in a race last night but at the other end of the weight spectrum, couple of C cat racers with massive power but due to their weight both stayed within the category w/gk limit, one of them out sprinted most of the A and B cats at the finish too, (wasn’t a CE race). I guess you could say that they were protected by the w/kg rule and lighter riders are protected by the actual watts rule

and is your best mate a rider? Im not disagreeing btw, but I am slightly staggered if so

again, in those circumstances I cant help but be suspicious

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Yup, seems to be a common occurrence in a lot of the C-cat races I’ve done. Just started riding outdoors again and, TBH, I’m not really missing Zwift. Becoming pretty disillusioned with the whole Zwift race experience.

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From what i can see they are both sandbagging there 20min power…and in Category Enforcement they are both one category higher because of the Vo2/MAP boundaries.

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i have no doubt they could easily be competitive in B cat, well I suppose last night confirmed this, lol.