Editing/correcting activities

Why is there no means of editing/replacing/uploading a FIT file? This would be a particularly useful tool for ensuring records are accurate and ensure that summary stats, e.g. power curves, remain accurate.

I have a couple of activities where the starting power output is very high - I can’t ride at over 1000w!! The activities quickly settle down after an initial glitch in power output

I have found the FIT files and used a tool to edit the activities by trimming off the first 5-10 seconds. Whilst I have managed to upload these corrected files to my other accounts (e.g. strava, garmin connect) I cannot update my record of activities with Zwift. Consequently, my Zwift power curve is wrong!

I had thought that replacing the erroneous files in my C:\Users\nicho\Documents\Zwift\Activities folder would cure things but it looks like this is just an output folder. Also, I chatted with one of your ambassadors and they confirmed there is no way to edit an existing activity or upload a new/corrected version.

Is there a way Zwift tech support or admin can manually amend my activities? Is an editing tool/function in the pipes?

I’m not aware of any tools at our end to edit your data, nor are any in the pipeline.

Sounds like what I would expect to see when you either pair or calibrate a power meter, which often causes a surge.

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