Easier way to trak mission status

Currently there is no way to track event mission status in companion app, website nor desktop application.

This was a problem recently when I didn’t know how many meters I had left for the “ABSA Cape Epic Mission”, to find out how much I had left I had to

  • Launch the desktop app
  • Pressing “Just watch”
  • Realizing I can’t see the mission status in the menu when you press “ESC” I quit the application
  • Launch the desktop app
  • Sync my trainer
  • Finally able to see the mission status

Can we not have this available in

  • Companion app as a tab below “Goals” called “Missions” that shows current status of all missions
    Even better if you can use this tab to join missions that are available

  • “Mission” button in the “Pause” menu in the desktop application that allows you to view mission status
    Again better if it allows you to join missions through here