E Sailing

One of the five Olympic E-Sports is sailing (and Zwift).
So I took a look at https://www.virtualregatta.com/en/inshore-game/
Virtual Regata is like a child’s game to me.
It is just left/right/and change sails.
It hardly compares to virtual rowing and cycling.
Anyone else take a look and have a thought?
Maybe cycling power could become the virtual wind. Then it is athletic.


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E-sailing is a skill thing, rather than a physical strength/endurance competition.

I look at it like I do the sim racing for Formula One that they were running last year. True: With a sim race, you aren’t going to get injured if you crash, and your body isn’t going to get pummelled by G-forces going into a corner. But it turned out to be a not-bad simulation when you had real-world F1 drivers competing with top sim drivers.

Sailing is a sport that translates reasonably well to the virtual world. A certain amount of it is tactics, a certain amount is knowing how wind of different strength and direction affects how well your boat can go into the wind. Is it going to 100%? No. A big part of sailing skill is feeling the wind strength and direction on your skin, and being able to interpret that in relation to the speed and direction of your boat.

Just as Zwift isn’t a 100% simulation of road cycling, then I’d say E-sailing isn’t a 100% simulation of small-boat racing. But I wouldn’t knock it. It’s probably a lot closer than simulations of soccer, basketball, and golf come.