Sorry if this has been asked previously but is there any way that Zwift can identify and disqualify the use of an E-Bike attached to a direct drive trainer?

Why the so anti ebike, they only assist up to 15.5 MPH

That is a regional limit. In the US a class 3 pedelec assists up to 28 miles per hour, 45 km/h.

This got brought up on the in game chat a few weeks ago and when I asked how people knew that fliers were e-bikes no body could say why.

There are many way to “cheat” on Zwift, some are deliberate and some are accidental. If you genuinely feel that someone isn’t putting out accurate power data report them in game.

i actually don’t know. the type of ebike my dad owns would be obvious to spot since as i understand it, you basically select the target output and the bike regulates the power to that output regardless of what effort you put in yourself, but i’m sure there are other types of motors that are more sophisticated out there

Ebike to keep people active & riding outdoor, or even introduce them to cycling :+1:

Ebike indoor :-1:Simply no need.

My Ebike is the only bike I’'ve got that is usable on a trainer (mine is wheel on), and if it hadn’t been for that then I’d still be lolling around on the sofa

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If you haven’t got any other options then needs must… but considering the cost of a electric bike and components, that against a cheap second hand bike to put on the trainer, plus the greater benefit out of using it indoor without assistance, if it was me I’d leave the electric bike for just outdoors.

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And what’s your opinion of Zwift racing?
There is no cheating in free rides or group rides or work outs.
So, if e bike cheating came up as a topic, tell me why?

I don’t race, chuckle racing is nearly as boring as watching paint dry, or watching a football match, basically a cure for insomnia