Downhill advantage?!

So I was going down a fairly steep hill the other day in a race (Toronto Hustle event). I decided to not pedal and see what happened. It was very cool. My avatar went into some crazy tuck position and my speed actually increased. I blew ahead of the 3 or 4 riders around me and then picked up once the downhill was coming to an end. I tried a few other times on other similar descents and had the same result.

Anyone know what happened?

I think it’s called the super tuck. Of course you need to follow the honor system and sit on the top tube and hide behind the handle bars :grinning:

You have to be going at least 36 MPH (58 kph) and slope being steeper than -3%, then when you stop pedalling you get the supertuck that @Per_Forssell mentions. See these two articles on ZwiftInsider:

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