Does cadance effect calories burnt?

I use an Elite Novo Smart Trainer and recently the cadance has stopped working, it will jump from 0 to 200 randomly when I usually hold 80-120. Other than changing the avatars cadance in game does it change any of the other results such as calories burnt at the end of the ride? I will probably get a stand alone cadance sensor at some point but this is will still be an issue untill then.

Hi @Aaron_Silver Welcome to the Zwift Forum.

No your calories are calculated from your power.

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Cadance doesn’t influence your calories calculations.

Oops, Gerrie already posted…


as a slight sidenote to this - i wouldn’t use the calories burnt number for anything other than a very very rough guide of reality - far too many factors come into play and the accuracy of your power meter is also key


It’s possible but you should use kilojoules provided by your powermeter instead of calories by heartrate. :wink: