Do you ever use 50 tooth cog on 12 speed MTB cassette?


I am in a process of buying my first indoor trainer, to use with my mountain bike. Currently I am looking at three options:

  • Saris H3 (available mid december)
  • Elite Direto XR (available january 2021)
  • Tacx NEO 2 (available january 2021)

I will be using smart trainer with 12 speed cassette (sram SX Eagle), with the largest cog being 50 tooth. The problem is with the largest cog, because it’s dished inwards it makes it unusable with Saris H3, and potentialy with Tacx NEO 2, since there is not enough room to shift into it.

My question for you is, how much do you use that largest 50 or 52 cog on your smarttrainers, with 1x12 speed setups?

Thankl you!

Hi @Jure_Nezmah

Welcome to the forum.

You wont need the 50, you wont even need a 32. Your problem will be the front chainring not being high enough. Most people with MTB’s run out of gears on the flat road same as IRL (in real life)

Thank you for your reply!