Cassette size on Zwift

Hi all,

I’m interested to know what size cassettes Zwift riders are using.

I’m a 50+ rider and quite light (63kg and use a compact crank on the road (50/34)). I spend most of my time training in the mountains/hills and use a 12-28 cassette. I use an old carbon bike for Zwift with the set setup. I also do a bit of ‘climbing’ on Zwift but have not found the need for the 28 at all. I find if I do a 100km tempo ride at around 36-40km/hr, I’m only using 2 or 3 cogs on the cassette.

So I was just wondering what others out there use on their Zwift bikes.

Oh by the way, I have recently put my Trainer Difficulty setting to 100%, which means a lot more gear changes.

52-36 with 11-28 cassette at 100%

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Most of the time? I have a 12 - 36 casette on my Direto w/ trainer difficulty @ 100%.

This is the same cassette I have on my cx/gravel bike w/ 50/34 chainrings. At the moment, this cassette ALSO works w/ my road bike (which has been modified specifically for hillclimb events like Mt. Washington).

Normally, if I intend to leave the roadbike on the trainer for a long time in it’s ‘regular’ configuration, I might swap the 12-36 for an 11-26 or 11-28.

I use 11-32 cassette with 50-34 chain rings both in Zwift and outside. I’ll adjust difficulty depending on what’s going on… 20% +/- for races. 50% to 100% for free rides depending on how bad I want to feel it. For workouts I use ERG mode with the chain on the small ring and in the middle of the cassette.

50/34 and a 11x32 with difficulty @100%. I live in flatland. I use Zwift to learn and practice climbing but also just to ride. I don’t have a lot of options nearby of where to ride outside so Zwift has been a godsend. I also have a 52/39 and an 11x28 that I use occasionally but lately it’s the climbing I’m into. At 64 yrs old and fighting to get back into shape I needed all the help I could get

I use my road bike which is set up with 50/34 chainrings with a 11-32 cassette at 100% on a Wahoo KICKR. I have lots of steep climbs around my area that I want to train for.

Hi all,

Thanks for all your responses.

Well since I send most of my outside cycling in the hills with a 34/50 and 12/28 cassette, I’ll keep that set up on Zwift at 100% Trainer Difficulty. I climbed the Alpe du Zwift twice 2 days ago and found I didn’t need the 28, I could spin on a 26. However, that may change with 3/4 attempts. I’m still yet to hit 3000m on Zwift.

Thanks again for those that replied to my query, it was very much appreciated.


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I use my road bike which is set up with 53/39 chainrings with a 11-34 cassette at 100% on a Tacx Neo.