Dircon not working o 1.24.2 (100840) for Windows?

Dircon not working on Zwift update 1.24.2 (100840) for Windows?

Anyone else having dircon option not showing up? I tried on my Android tablet and it finds it right away. The first Windows version with dircon did work for me.

Since you mention using it on your Android I’m guessing you have the Wahoo Direct Connect hooked up to the router and are trying to use the WiFi connection to pair with your computer. Have you made sure that your firewall isn’t restricting incoming or outgoing traffic on port 36866?

Thank you for your reply. From the lack of other comments it appears this is not a common problem. I now tried connecting by ethernet cable direct to the laptop and dircon did show up. I am still confused why it won’t connect wirelessly since it did previously. I have tried with firewall off, added rules for 36866 on both tcp and udp, and allowed all traffic from the dircon ip. The Wahoo app on my phone shows the dircon as discoverable. On Wireshark I can see the broadcasts from the laptop looking for wahoo fitness but no replies.

I will have to keep trying on the laptop. Bluetooth is working confirmed by KICKR showing up via bluetooth. Frustrating and a puzzle at the same time.

I am not sure the exact thing that got it going again but it appears MDNS quit functioning on Windows10. From reading this has been known to happen if the laptop does not enter/leave sleep cleanly or perhaps random reasons. The main solutions suggested were: restart wireless adapter, restart computer. I feel I had tried a reboot before my first post without luck but the bit gods now allowed the golden bits to transverse and work. You can test MDNS on Windows with Bonjour Browser from hobbyistsoftware. com. Other versions were not nearly as easy to use.