Did it get harder to overtake other riders?

Recently I found it a lot harder to overtake other riders especially on hills.

Even when your speed is 3+ km/h faster and power-to-weight ratio 1w/kg more than someone in front of you, you cannot overtake them sometimes, which I find very incomprehensible and frustrating.


If you don’t know what I’m talking about, please watch the zwift videos below which totally captured scenes where it happens.


The speed goes down from 21 km/h to 18km/h in an instant, the player getting trapped by another rider who rides at 3 km/h lower speed and approximately 1 less watt per kilogram.


Here’s another instance where the player gets a massive 4km/h drop in speed despite putting in a serious effort, getting trapped by someone who’s not even competing  in the race.


I really love racing on Zwift so I would like the Zwift team to consider fixing this problem.