Declutter HUD

I love all the new maps & info on the HUD but sometimes it’s just too much.  

For example if I’m doing a group ride and just focused on staying with the group  I might only want the “rider’s nearby” and a small power number.  Or if I’m doing a workout I really only need the Power, time and maybe HR, cadence etc  And sometimes I don’t need anything, I’d just like to go for a ride.

It would be great to allow users to selectively turn on/off the various windows and even move them on the HUD to where you want them.  

Or a simpler solution would be just to have a “Full Info Mode” and a “Reduced Info Mode”

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I’d love a “clean” mode, with no extra windows. Something one can toggle in the mobile app.

Yes. I agree. Would be great to customise, sometimes just power data is all that’s needed

That a cheaper price!!!

Letting us customize the windows would be ideal, added to that, it’d also be nice to get an option to scale the UI windows. Many windows are relatively big, despite likely still being readable when shrunk down on size on a laptop close up front for example. Whereas when hooked up to a 4K screen on a bit of distance, ideally I’d like to scale certain things up a tad.