D rider consistently beating half the C’s on Zwift Power

I raced in the 12:05pm Innsbruck race yesterday and the results are baffling me slightly.

Two of the other riders from the race reached out to me expressing their concerns and confusion too, which we can’t really make any sense of.

I came 2nd on Zwift Power with an average pace of 2.6w/kg (for my height and weight, that’s around 260w - I’m a heavier rider than most). The winner was a full minute ahead of me and won with an average pace of 3.8w/kg at 111w, beating half the C group too.

He’s 29kg apparently, and very short.

He came 1st in the same race a couple of weeks ago at 4.2w/kg.

How is he not bumped up to the C group? All of his race results are like this.

I’m fairly new to racing so maybe the above is fairly normal / common, but it’s left me baffled.


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The winner was most likely a kid under 16, low weight and also low absolute power. That is why they aren’t upgraded, see the chart Dave posted above.