cycleops aluminium rollers with resistance

I have been ridding zwift with my cyclops fluid trainer as reflected in my profile but also have cycleops aluminium rollers with magnetic resistance.

It seems there should be a comparable resistance setting on the rollers and with some trial and error (possibly some customization) I could  get close.

Any insight - advise is appreciated.

Hi Nathanael, 

Unfortunately we don’t support these rollers at the moment and there is not much you can do to get accurate reading. I can put your rollers on the request list and if we get a lot of requests it might be supported in future. You could always get a power meter and that would sort your problem for ever and give you very accurate readings but as we all know it’s not the cheapest solution. 

Would you like me to put your trainer on the request list? 

Hi, I have cyclops alu rollers as well. I use powermeter, but I would like my resistance unit to be automatically adjusted depending on gradient/hill. So the question is if you provide some data on bluetooth/ant+ protocol, or if it is even possible to get this data when using powermeter to send the data. I checked your github account but everything is private. Would be good if you could opensource some libraries to make it easier for us.