Custom Zwift speed

I’ve been using Zwift for about ten months, I’m an addict now, but if there is one thing that could improve my experience, it would be to be able to modify the relationship between smart trainer speed and Zwift speed (using Tacx Neo 2t).

I understand (I think) that these cannot be one-to-one, but what I am requesting is that the speed at which they are both the same could be modified. Here’s the situation I constantly find myself in:

  • Pace partner ride or race, going 35-45kph in the draft in Zwift
  • Corresponding trainer speed is 25-35kph at that power (~200W)
  • Cadence 90-100 RPM
  • Gearing is 53x21 or 53x23 at that trainer speed and cadence, nearly cross chained, two-tooth jumps between adjacent gears
  • Drivetrain friction and difficult to maintain desired cadence

What would be great is if I could boost the trainer’s speed so that when I’m riding at 200W at 40kph in a draft on Zwift, the trainer is spinning at what it thinks is 40kph. That would be the fulcrum speed for how the trainer modulates the rest of the resistance curve.

I thought to solve this “problem” by using smaller chainrings (48/33 instead of 53/39) but after looking at the ratios, I still think the difference in speed between what Zwift and Tacx is still too large (although that would probably help somewhat).

I also don’t think changing the “trainer difficulty” setting has much to offer here, since what I’m talking about is the speed on flat roads in the draft.

The two are never going to match and what you’re asking for is not achievable because if the flywheel speed is lower than the in game speed for the trainer to accelerate this u to the game speed it would be spinning faster than your pedalling is driving it and so you would have no resistance on the pedals.

i’m not too sure why you want the speeds to match, flywheel speed is pretty meaningless indoors

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