Custom workout creation - input not working

I am able to drag the workout boxes to get the times and watts required but clicking on the number and trying to input this as text does not work.

Also, is there a way to drag and drop workouts into android? I have a number of custom workouts (.zwo files) on my pc and would like these to be available on my android device.

Update: Right now it is not possible to transfer .zwo files to the Android Beta. This is certainly a future feature, but there’s currently no ETA. 


Regarding your first question, does your keyboard not show up at all when trying to input text? Or do you select the text on your keyboard but it doesn’t show in game? 

For your second question, I’ve asked our QA team to see if this is possible in the current Beta. Will get back to you as soon as possible! 

It’s the second option, I have to tap the text box twice for the keyboard to show up as with other text but when I input text and press ok it doesn’t change the value in game.

Edit: This has been confirmed as a bug. It should be fixed in a future update, although unfortunately there is no ETA. Thank you for the heads up! 

Thanks for the response Chris! Which Android device were you using when attempting to edit these values?

I’m using the Honor View 10 although also tired on my asus tablet (Z500m) and have the same issues

Thanks Chris! So you not being able edit these values is a confirmed bug. We’ve logged it with QA and we’ll be working on it and other bugs as we continue to develop the Beta. Thank you for the heads up and keeping us on our toes. :slight_smile: