Custom Training Plans

I would like to have custom training plans - within the newly developed Training Plans tab, not the workouts tab. It could be implemented similar to custom workouts and could even be stored in the same Workouts directory. 

For example, I have a Couch to 5K training plan that is divided into workouts by week and then day (Week 1: Day 1/Day 3/Day 5, etc).This goes on for 9 weeks. I can achieve this in the workouts section with subcategories for my weeks, but this would be perfect to be transformed into a training plan. 

Even just getting the programmers to iterate through the Workouts directory to look for plan files should be enough for the coding community to begin support for plans until the Training Plans timeline is fleshed out to be officially supported. 

For example, the workouts for each custom training plan can be pointed to the Workouts directory instead of the Workouts.wad file. Images for the background could also be pointed within the users Workouts directory. 

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Sounds like a good idea! Although the training plans are meant to be more of a standardized routine separate from complete customization, I could see the option for slight variances in the plan being a possibility. Thanks for bringing this to our attention. :slight_smile: